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What are the advantages of refractory plastic?

Aug 18, 2018

1. High refractoriness, the refractoriness of aluminium silicate refractory plastic can reach to 1750~1850℃ ,exceed the clay bricks which can be used directly in contact with the flame.

2. Good resistance to shock cold and heat, it won’t be peel when the temperature changes dramatically. The service life of refractory plastic is longer for half year than refractory bricks.

3. Good insulating performance. The thermal conductivity of refractory plastic is smaller than brick, therefore, less heat loss, it can reduce fuel consumption.

4. Good resistance to slag. It can resist the erosion of oxide slag, and the slag is not easy to bond, easy to remove.

5.  The anti-shock and wear resistance performance are good. The column used for binding the bottom water cooling pipe and walking beam furnace is not easy to fall off and damage.

6.  The masonry is compact.

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