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Description of Zirconia mullite refractory brick

Mar 13, 2021
Sintered zirconium mullite brick is a special refractory material made by using industrial alumina and zircon concentrate as raw materials and introducing zirconium oxide into the mullite matrix through a reactive sintering process. Introducing zirconia into mullite bricks, and using the phase change toughening of zirconia can greatly improve the high-temperature mechanical properties of mullite materials. Zirconia can promote the sintering of mullite materials. The addition of ZrO2 can accelerate the densification and sintering process of ZTM materials due to the generation of low melting point substances and the formation of vacancies.
Characteristics of Zirconia mullite refractory brick:
1. Resistance to glass liquid and alkali corrosion, erosion resistance
2. High mechanical strength, good thermal shock stability
3. Reheating shrinkage and high temperature creep are small
4. Dense crystal structure
Application of  Zirconia mullite refractory brick 
Zirconium mullite brick application: mainly used for paving the bottom of the glass melting part, paving the bottom of the cooling part, small furnace, regenerator lattice body, L-shaped hanging wall nose area, etc.
It is an indispensable key supporting material for a wide range of applications in large float glass kilns.
It is used in large glass kiln melting pool, picture tube kiln, regenerator partition wall brick, and chemical and metallurgical industry kilns that are corroded by solution.
Zirconia mullite refractory brick are widely used in non-metallic materials industry, petrochemical industry, steel smelting, military industry, electronics industry and other fields. For example: silicon steel heating furnace lining in metallurgical industry, thermal insulation lining of high-temperature equipment of hydrogen production furnace and gasifier in petroleum industry, thermal insulation lining of cemented carbide intermediate frequency furnace, etc