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Magnesium carbon refractory bricks manufacturer

Mar 13, 2021
Magnesia-carbon bricks are made of high-melting alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800°C) and high-melting carbon materials that are difficult to be infiltrated by slag, and various non-oxide additives are added. A non-burning carbon composite refractory material combined with a carbon binder. Magnesium carbon refractory brickss are mainly used for lining of converters, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces, and slag lines of ladle.
As a composite refractory material, Magnesium carbon refractory brickss effectively utilize the strong slag erosion resistance of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon, which compensates for the biggest disadvantage of poor spalling resistance of magnesia. Magnesium carbon brick forms magnesium skeleton when used at high temperature. Because magnesium oxide and carbon do not produce mutual solubility relationship, the excellent fire resistance of the original component is retained, and the thermal conductivity of carbon is good, and the thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus are low ,  and it can effectively prevent high temperature spalling and slag penetration, so that structural spalling does not occur, greatly changing the fatal weakness of the metamorphic structure caused by the slag penetration of the magnesia refractory material, combined with the non-wetting property of carbon to the slag, and the corrosion resistance is very good.
The application of Magnesium carbon refractory bricks
Magnesium carbon refractory brickss refer to carbon-containing magnesia non-burning shaped products used in converter lining, electric furnace lining, ladle slag line, ladle lining and refining outside the furnace, mainly including Magnesium carbon refractory bricks, aluminum Magnesium carbon refractory bricks and magnesia aluminum carbon brick .
Main features of Magnesium carbon refractory bricks
1.High strength under high temperature
2.High erosion resistance and wearing proof
3.Good thermal shock resistance
4.Good heating ability
6.Stable product quality, all the Slide Gate Series products can meet the national standards
7.A long service life in actual use and good reputation
8.Can meet different casting conditions.