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Factory price High alumina refractory brick for industrial kiln

High alumina refractory brick is a kind of refractory material, the main component of this refractory brick is AL2O3. According to the content of Al2O3 in High alumina refractory brick, it is usually divided into three grades: Grade I:Al2O3 content>75%; Grade II:Al2O3 content is 60~75%; Grade III:Al2O3 content is 48-60%.
Model Number: Hongtai
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton



Refractory anchor brick high alumina brick made in China

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Product Description

High alumina refractory brick is a kind of refractory material, the main component of this refractory brick is AL2O3. According to the content of Al2O3 in High alumina refractory brick, it is usually divided into three grades: Grade I:Al2O3 content>75%; Grade II:Al2O3 content is 60~75%; Grade III:Al2O3 content is 48-60%.

Items Technical Data
International code name SK36 SK37 SK38 SK40
Chinese code name LZ-55 LZ-65 LZ-75 LZ-80
Al2O3 min% 55 65 75 80
Fe2O3 max% 2 2 2 2
Refractoriness(℃) min  1770 1790 1790 1790
Apparent Porosity % max 22 23 23 24
Bulk Density   g/cm3 2.25-2.35 2.35-2.45 2.45-2.55 2.55-2.65
Cold Crushing Strength (Mpa)  min 44 49 54 65
Refractoriness under Load(℃) min  1400 1470 1500 1520
Permanent linear change % 1500℃×2h 1500℃×2h 1500℃×2h 1500℃×2h
+0.1~-0.4 +0.1~-0.4 +0.1~-0.4 +0.1~-0.4


high alumina brick (2)high alumina brick (1)

Product details

 Raw material of High alumina refractory brick

According to different resource conditions and product requirements, the following types of raw materials can be used: It is mainly composed of high alumina bauxite; sillimanite group minerals (including kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite, etc.); synthetic raw materials such as industrial alumina, synthetic mullite, fused corundum, etc.


Uses of High alumina refractory brick
High alumina refractory brick are mainly used for lining blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and rotary kilns. In addition, High alumina refractory brick are also widely used as open hearth regenerative checker bricks, plugs for pouring systems, nozzle bricks, etc. However, the price of High alumina refractory brick is higher than that of clay bricks, so it is not necessary to use High alumina refractory brick where clay bricks can meet the requirements.



Characteristics of High alumina refractory brick


1. Refractoriness of High alumina refractory brick 

The refractoriness of High alumina refractory brick is higher than that of clay bricks and semi-silica bricks, reaching 1750~1790℃, which belongs to advanced refractory materials.


2. Load softening temperature of High alumina refractory brick

Because high-alumina products have high Al2O3, less impurities, and less fusible glass, the load softening temperature is higher than that of clay bricks. However, because mullite crystals do not form a network structure, the load softening temperature is still not as high as that of silica bricks.


3. Slag resistance of High alumina refractory brick

High alumina refractory brick contain more Al2O3, which is close to neutral refractory materials, and can resist the erosion of acidic slag and alkaline slag. Because it contains SiO2, the ability to resist alkaline slag is weaker than that of acidic slag.


Packaging & Shipping

 Packaging of High alumina refractory brick

1.on wooden pallets with plastic cover: wooden pallet size :930*930 or 1000*1000mm,
2.Load weight of each pallet: 1.5-2.0 tons,
3.230*114*65mm:512PCS/Pallet, 230*114*75mm:448PCS/Pallet.


 Shipping of High alumina refractory brick


1.Our packaging is as per customer’s request
2.Normal goods delivered by sea transport
3.Sample shipping by express
4.We will shipping and delivery goods timely, quanlity and quantity guaranteed, and also in accordance with the contract and customer's requirment completely.



1. How can I get your prompt quotation?

   We can give you reply with quotation quickly if you kindly send the inquiry with the detail, such as the quantity, the specifications and the application of the products.

2. What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity)?

   No limit

3. Which payment terms can you accept?

   T/T,LC,Western Union,moneygram are available for us. 

4. After an order is placed, when to deliver?

   15-25days after confirming the order.

5. Does your company accept customization?

   We accept OEM service.

6. How to solve the quality problems?

   If the products don't conform to customer's samples or have quality problems, our company will be responsible to make compensation for it based on enough evidences.


Our Services

1. Quality assurance:All products are ISO qualified and monitored by complete QC system

2. Provide professional designing solution, field technical assitance and any other consulting.

3. Price advantage, provided by manufacturer directly,save much intermediate fees.

4. Professional and experienced service team, specialized in refractory production since 1986.

5. Large production capacity, short lead time of products.

6. 24*7 online service.

7. OEM service available.



Workshop corner




1. Strong professional:
Our company has thirty years producing experience in refractory products. Our manager will supervise on a various refractorys production materials, process control, quality supervision and package delivery, and ensure the products are 100% qualified.

2.Annual supply:
Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS certification. And the annual supply of shaped and unshaped refractory product is 28, 800-35, 000 tons.

3. Export experiences:
Now we have gained a global sales network reaching Taiwan, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bulgaria, French, India, Congo, Angola, South Africa, and so on.

4. Production equipment:
Production and testing equipments are new, complete and automated or semi- automated. Such modern facilities and equipments have provided the fine technical guarantee for the production and testing.

5. Testing equipment:
Our company's testing equipments as follows:
High Temperature RUL Tester
Bulk Density Tester
The Pressure Tester
Refractoriness Tester


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Production Equipment

Production capacity: Our factory actively response to government environmental protection policy, we designed and built the fully automatic controlled high temperature gas tunnel kiln (1700℃), and got capacity of annual output 70,000 tons of high quality refractory products.

Testing Testing Testing Testing
Packing Details
Packing details:

★Bricks: Fumigated wooden pallet with log paperboard covered and stainless steel band strapping, the whole outside is wrapped with thermoplastic film. Or carton packaging.

★Wooden pallet size: usually 92*92cm (standard brick)

★Castable: Ton bag with rain film and 25kg bags inside

★Or according to customer’s requirements


★Port of dispatch: Tianjin port; Qingdao port

★Delivery time: According to customer’s demand or two sides negotiate

Our Services

We provide you 

★Timely response: Timely response to your inquiry within 24 hours and provide solution. 

★Competitive Price: Make the products competitive in your market. 

★Free sample: Free sample are offered, trial order are accepted for quality evaluation. 

★Strict quality control: We set Quality Management System, from the raw material to finished products, produce high quality products according to chemical & physical specifications strictly to satisfy customers’ needs.

★Fast delivery time: Within 3-30 days according to your quantity after receiving your advance payment. 

★ Professional services: Provide pictures from order to delivery. Inspect report by our country’s designated authority and oversea services if necessary.

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Certification:  (ISO 9001:2015)



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