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Fused cast high zirconia brick

Application of fused cast high zirconia brick
Model Number: zircon bricks
Certification: ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 TONS



Fused high zirconia brick is a kind of advanced refractory material, mainly used in high temperature environment under harsh working conditions, such as various high temperature furnaces and equipment linings in metallurgy, chemical industry, glass and ceramics industries. Its main component is zirconium oxide (ZrO₂), which is prepared by electric melting process, hence the name fused high zirconium brick.

Electric melting process of Fused high zirconia brick

The electric melting process is to melt the raw materials at high temperature in an electric furnace, and then cool, crush, screen and other processes. This process can make the raw material components evenly distributed, reduce impurities, and improve the density and performance of the material. Compared with the traditional sintering method, the electric melting process can better eliminate the pores in the raw materials and improve the density and high temperature resistance of the material.

Main features of Fused high zirconia brick

High temperature resistance: Fused high zirconia brick has extremely high refractoriness, can maintain structural stability at high temperatures exceeding 2000°C, and is suitable for use in extreme high temperature environments.

Good chemical stability: It has good resistance to a variety of alkali metals, acidic slag and many chemicals, and is not easily corroded.

Excellent mechanical strength: It can maintain high compressive and flexural strength even at high temperatures, extending the service life of the furnace.

Low thermal expansion coefficient: Zirconia has a low thermal expansion coefficient, which can reduce stress cracks caused by temperature changes and improve the thermal shock stability of the material.

Wear and corrosion resistance: Suitable for environments with strong mechanical erosion and chemical erosion.

Application areas of Fused high zirconia brick

Melting pools, chutes and other parts of glass melting furnaces.

Ladle and tundish linings in the metallurgical industry.

Kilns in the ceramic and enamel industries.

Reactors and heat exchanger linings in the chemical industry that come into contact with highly corrosive materials.

High temperature areas of coal-fired boilers in the power industry.

Electric fused high zirconium bricks occupy an important position in the application field of extremely demanding refractory materials due to their excellent performance. However, due to their relatively high cost, they are usually only used in key areas or under extreme conditions.

Production Equipment

Production capacity: Our factory actively response to government environmental protection policy, we designed and built the fully automatic controlled high temperature gas tunnel kiln (1700℃), and got capacity of annual output 70,000 tons of high quality refractory products.

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Packing Details
Packing details:

★Bricks: Fumigated wooden pallet with log paperboard covered and stainless steel band strapping, the whole outside is wrapped with thermoplastic film. Or carton packaging.

★Wooden pallet size: usually 92*92cm (standard brick)

★Castable: Ton bag with rain film and 25kg bags inside

★Or according to customer’s requirements


★Port of dispatch: Tianjin port; Qingdao port

★Delivery time: According to customer’s demand or two sides negotiate

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