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Thermal shock resistant high chrome brick for sintering kiln kiln

High chrome bricks are made of corundum and molten chromium oxide as the main raw materials plus fine Powder and other additives kneaded...
Model Number: Hongtai
Certification: ISO9001
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 ton



Thermal shock resistant high chrome brick for frit kiln

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Product Description

High chrome brick product introduction
High chromium refractory bricks are used in the production of chemical plants, chemical kilns, and alkali-free glass fiber kilns.Refractory High chrome bricks are made of corundum and molten chromium oxide as the main raw materials, plus fine Powder and other additives, kneaded. Drying at high temperature in shuttle kiln, High chrome brick has good thermal stability and high temperature creep performance. High chrome bricks are made of industrial grade chromium trioxide and alumina as the main raw materials, or introduce a small amount of zirconia, etc., after high temperature firing, the content of chromium trioxide is not less than 75%, chromium trioxide, alumina and Shaped refractory products with a total content of zirconia not less than 98%. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high compressive strength at room temperature, high strength at high temperature, excellent wear resistance, high refractoriness, excellent thermal shock resistance, and good volume stability at high temperatures.

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 High chrome brick technical data


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Product Features

The performance of high chrome brick
(1) Excellent resistance to slag erosion.
The Cr2O3 material itself has excellent resistance to slag erosion, which is mainly due to the following points: 1) The solubility of Cr2O3 in coal slag is very low, thus ensuring the integrity of the material; 2) Most of the slag has an effect on Cr2O3 materials. The wettability is poor, thereby delaying the dissolution of Cr2O3 in the slag; 3) The dissolution of Cr2O3 material in the slag will increase the viscosity of the slag, and even form a uniform protective layer on the surface of the material to block the pores of the material and inhibit Slag penetration.
(2) Excellent high temperature performance.
The main components of High chrome bricks, Cr2O3, Al2O3, and ZrO2, have melting points of approximately 2400, 2050, and 2700℃, respectively. After 1700t high temperature treatment, Cr2O3 and Al2O3 form a well-crystallized and continuous aluminum-chromium solid solution, so high-chromium refractory The material has high high temperature strength.
(3) Excellent anti-erosion performance.
The formation of aluminum chromium solid solution and the sintering effect of ZiO2 make high chromium materials have lower apparent porosity and higher compressive strength (up to 150 MPa or even more than 200 MPa), so high chromium refractories have good resistance Scouring performance.
(4) Thermal shock resistance and thermal peeling resistance.
Due to the phase change toughening effect of ZrO2, the thermal shock resistance and thermal exfoliation resistance of high chromium refractories are improved.

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Product Process

Production process of dense High chrome brick by isostatic pressing method
(1) Ingredients
(2) Spray granulation. Mixed in a high-speed mixer, granulated and dried in a pressure spray dryer, with a particle size of less than 0.3mm
(3) Molding pressure. The molding pressure is 140~200MPa.
(4) Firing. The dense High chrome bricks are fired in a shuttle kiln with a weak reducing atmosphere.
(5) Product performance. The main crystal phase of the product is Cr2O3, and there are many different forms of continuous solid solution and finite solid solution, and the structure is compact; the direct bonding between the main crystal phase grains and between the main crystal phase and the solid solution is high.

Production Equipment

Production capacity: Our factory actively response to government environmental protection policy, we designed and built the fully automatic controlled high temperature gas tunnel kiln (1700℃), and got capacity of annual output 70,000 tons of high quality refractory products.

Testing Testing Testing Testing
Packing Details
Packing details:

★Bricks: Fumigated wooden pallet with log paperboard covered and stainless steel band strapping, the whole outside is wrapped with thermoplastic film. Or carton packaging.

★Wooden pallet size: usually 92*92cm (standard brick)

★Castable: Ton bag with rain film and 25kg bags inside

★Or according to customer’s requirements


★Port of dispatch: Tianjin port; Qingdao port

★Delivery time: According to customer’s demand or two sides negotiate

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