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How to choose firebricks?


There are many factors to be considered when you choose the firebricks for your kiln, the most suitable bricks not only can improve the kiln service life but also save your money.

1. It depends on your kiln. The kiln can be divided into new masonry kiln and old kiln maintenance masonry. If the new one, we should know which parts,using temperature, special environment (acid alkali, high pressure,impact, wear and so on) of the firebricks to be used? Then choose the most suitable firebricks. If  maintenance for old kiln , it can be based on experiences use of firebricks before, considering whether to use another materials instead, or improving and enhance the firebricks index.

2. According to the use part and working temperature or other speciications such as the cold crushing strength, the porosity, the creep rate, the linear change etc to choose and produce the firebricks to saticefy the production requirements.