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Fused zirconium mullite wear-resistant bricks

Fused zirconium mullite wear-resistant bricks
Fused zirconium mullite wear-resistant bricks are made of high-quality mullite, zircon sand and other raw materials, melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace, and cast. Its compact structure has the advantages of wear resistance, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and good thermal shock resistance. It is mainly used in parts that require wear resistance and high temperature resistance, such as slide rail bricks of metallurgical push-steel heating furnaces or tapping platforms ( Outlet chute) the tapping platform of the walking-type heating furnace and the inner lining of the garbage incinerator.
Zirconium mullite bricks are generally produced by the electric fusion method, but also produced by the sintering method. Sintered zirconium mullite brick is a special refractory material made by using industrial alumina and zircon concentrate as raw materials, and introducing zirconium oxide into the mullite matrix through a reactive sintering process. Introducing zirconia into mullite bricks, and using the phase change toughening of zirconia can greatly improve the high-temperature mechanical properties of mullite materials. Zirconia promotes the sintering of mullite materials. The addition of ZrO2 can accelerate the densification and sintering process of ZTM materials due to the generation of low melting point substances and the formation of vacancies.